About TheMind

The Mind Education is a One-Stop-Home for people who want to get better tools running their lives. It’s a vehicle for elvating your mind processing system in a way that makes life way more fun, efficient, and much less tiring… as we all know it can get. 

it’s not magic, although it feels like that many times, it is you, simply cutting the process shorter. 

Consultation is avilable by phone, live meetings, and seminars.
Mostly used languages:
English, Italian and Hebrew. 

Dan wanted to be very sensitive to others.
His mother taught him to consider other
people’s feelings.
“I thought everything was great until I met
Jane, she was amazing, she was 16, just the
girl I always wanted in my life, but then she
started pulling away.


Why “over explaining” is a major self-esteem issue and how to monitor it.

it. When I asked why she was suddenly keeping
her distance from me, she said she felt that I
worry too much about everyone else.
When I asked my mom about it, she said I
should not worry about what other “selfish
jerks” think and just be myself.
I was 15, I was sad but wanted to believe it
wasn’t my fault.
At the age of 21, I was promoted to assistant
manager at the local hardware store.